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   In Defense of Traditional Bible Texts

"The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever."
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The Portuguese Bible and Fundamentalist Inconsistency in Missions

The Dean Burgon Society's 2004 Annual Meeting

Heritage Baptist University, Greenwood, IN
July 15, 2004.

Lt. Col. Ret. (Brazil) José Pedro Monteiro de Almeida, M.Div. Candidate

(Note: This is part of Clélia Dorta de Almeida, unpublished thesis for her Master of Biblical Studies degree - used by permission)
Maryland Baptist Bible College and Seminary

1. Introduction
2. The Excuses
3. The Solution

1. Introduction

The inconsistency and misinformation about the Bible text in the Mission field is overwhelming. In Brazil, one of the largest mission fields in the world, many fundamentalist missionaries are adopting the wrong position on the Bible issue and using a wrong Bible translation based on the Critical Text. The sad inconsistency, therefore, is that many of them raise their support from good King James Bible churches, even though they think they have the right to use a corrupt Bible in a foreign language. The people think they are supporting a solid King James Bible missionary, but little do they know that after stepping off the airplane, the missionary adopts a false text under the protection of his supporters' ignorance. That's not honest! That's hypocrisy.

What are their explanations when confronted? Let us briefly examine 10 excuses taken from actual conversations:

2. The Excuses

Excuse # 1

"We just have the Critical text based Bible. I need a Bible to preach from!"


Start a Bible translation yourself! Don't use the corrupt Bible! Don't support the United Bible Societies! In Brazil this excuse is a LIE!

Excuse # 2

"The field council is using it"


There is no such thing as "field council" in the Bible. Fundamentalist missionaries are supposed to give account to their independent, Bible (KJB) Believing sending churches not to "field councils".

Excuse # 3

"The people do not want to change..." (Baptist Mid-Missions)


So what? Is the missionary supposed to surrender himself to the laziness of the people? Teach them! Run the show! The tail is swinging the dog here! Shame on him! That's the very doctrine of Laodicea (laodikeia): Re. 2:14 laos: people; dike: judgment, opinion. (Hybels & Warren wicked philosophies!) Change for the better: personal testimony in 2 churches versus changes for the worse: NVI adopted by many apostates Regular Baptists in Brazil...

Excuse # 4

"The TR based Bible is too difficult to read..." (Baptist Mid-Missions)


That's the same LIE they spread about the King James Bible in English speaking countries, parroting it in the mission field. If the King James Bible is easier to read (average=5.6 grade level) NO ONE has an excuse in any other language! Let us be reminded that the leadership of this mission agency is totally sold to the Bob Jones misinformations and apostasies.

Excuse # 5

"Some people only talk about it..." (Baptist Mid-Missions)


If you use a corrupt Bible, that's the only thing I am going to talk about with you! We are not "only" talking about it, we are talking about The Word of God! Let us not take it lightly.

Excuse # 6

"This issue does not bring glory to God..." (Baptist Mid-Missions)


What about using a corrupt Bible, which perverts thousands of the words of God? Does it bring glory to Him? Maybe the statement should be reworded like this: This issue does not bring glory to my mission agency which changed its position about the text and surrendered to the Westcott and Hort lies and to the diabolical method of dynamic equivalence. The omissions of two thousand and eight hundred plus words from the New Testament bring glory to God? Do the omissions of the name of God in Genesis chapter one, bring glory to God?

Excuse # 7

"This issue brings division..."


That's completely true! The apostates brought division with this new Greek text of 1881 and the Neo-Fundamentalists brought this issue up, dividing Fundamentalism in the middle! It is better to divide because of truth than to be united in error! "Who is on the Lord's side?" Ex. 33:26

Excuse # 8

"The Bible translated from the Critical Text is better than the Bible translated from the Received text..."


It is far better a bad translation from the right text, than a good translation from the wrong text. Actually, the better the translation from the wrong text, the worse the results. It will be more faithful to a heretical text! That's why we need pastor-teachers: To explain and to give proper interpretation from the pulpit.

Excuse # 9

"The new Christians don't understand this issue..."


That's completely true! They don't understand because some double minded missionaries are not teaching them, afraid they find out they are being lied to! How can you teach them you are giving them a corrupt Bible! Most of them are completely ignorant of the issue because the Critical Text missionaries don't even mention it.

Excuse # 10

"I am not aware of a Bible Issue' here in our part of Brazil" (Baptist World Mission, Apr. 2004)


That's the first time in history that Satan was denied access to a geographical area! This issue is not only in English speaking countries. It is everywhere. If you are involved in Missions using the King James Bible, does not solve all of your problems!

3. The Solution

The Fundamental churches and Mission Agencies should ask the Missionary what kind of Bible he is going to use in that country before taking him for support, knowing what Bible in that country is from the Received Text. The right question for the missionary is:

"Is this Bible, translated from the RECEIVED TEXT?"

Examples of Bibles from the Received Text:

French: Ostervald 1744 Bearing Precious Seed;

German: Luther 1534 Not Copyrighted;

Italian: Diodati 1607 Not Copyrighted;

Portuguese: Almeida Corrigida Fiel 1995 Trinitarian Bible Society Brazil;

Spanish: Reina-Valera 1865 Bearing Precious Seed;

Reina-Velera 1602-R

Important note: The Reina Valera 1960 by the American Bible Societies is a corrupt Bible and should never be used by fundamentalists.

Back to the question:

"Is this Bible, translated from the RECEIVED TEXT?" If the missionary change his position he should be required to immediately inform the Bible Believing church and ask to be dropped.

"The Bible issue is the most important issue in Missions"

Let us not support the spreading of corrupt seed. Let us not support them that are "handling the word of God deceitfully" (2Co. 4:2)

If they want to do that, that is their business, but not with my money!

No more excuses !!!

The Dean Burgon Society

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