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   In Defense of Traditional Bible Texts

"The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever."
. . . Psalm 12:6-7 . . .

Which Bible Will You Trust?

The Dean Burgon Society's 1992 Annual Meeting

Dr. Robert Barnett, Vice President of the Dean Burgon Society
Copyright 1999 by the author, reproduction and distribution rights assigned to the Dean Burgon Society.



How do we determine which Bible God would have us use today? We can't possibly read the dozens of modern versions available. People can't wade through the thousands of Greek manuscripts. There are available 200 years of accumulated materials of textual scholarship written by textual critics. There are over 900 titles defending the King James Bible available through Dr. Waite in the Bible for Today ministry alone. No normal human being can possible read all the material in a lifetime of labor.


We see why most people simply trust the scholars or schools to give them advice concerning the best Bible. Which kind of scholars will you trust, those who use a naturalistic approach to Bible preservation or those who use a theological approach. There is not a single verse in the Bible which authorizes us to turn our Bible over to naturalistic scientists to determine for us what is and what is not the Word of God. And most modern theologians have already abandoned their Bibles to naturalistic textual criticism.


The Scholars Version entitled The Five Gospels is the latest new translation and commentary by Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover, and The Jesus Seminar. "The Scholars Version is authorized by scholars." -Page xviii. They admit to following the rules and principles of textual criticism laid down during the past 200 years. "Voting was adopted, after extended debate, as the most effective way of ascertaining whether a scholarly consensus existed on a given point. Committees creating a critical text of the Greek New Testament under the auspices of the United Bible Societies vote on whether to print this or that text and what variants to consign to notes." -Page 35, The Scholars Version.  

Now let us further examine the pattern of Textual Apparatus already established and used by the United Bible Society's The Greek New Testament, edited by Kurt Aland, Matthew Black, Bruce M. Metzger, and Allen Wikgren in 1966; Initiated, organized and administered by Eugene A. Nida:

1. The Evaluation of Evidence for the Text

"By means of the letters A, B, C, and D, enclosed within "braces" { } at the beginning of each set of textual variants, the Committee has sought to indicate the relative degree of certainty, arrived at on the basis of internal considerations as well as of external evidence, for the reading adopted as the text. The letter A signifies that the text is virtually certain, while B indicates that there is some degree of doubt. The letter C means that there is considerable degree of doubt whether the text or the apparatus contains the superior reading, while D shows that there is a very high degree of doubt concerning the reading selected for the text" -Page x,xi. These critical text methods can be observed as progressing from doubt to denial within one generation of modern Bible versions.  

The above eclectic Greek text was the primary critical Greek text used as a basis for the translation of the New International Version Almost all modern versions use some eclectic form of this same critical Westcott and Hort text type. Most altered and omitted verses in the NIV and other modern versions rest primarily upon the vote of Greek scholars.  

As the critical scholars voted using the letters A, B, C, and D to determine the authority within the verses, phrases, and words underlying most modern Bibles, so also, The Scholars Version used the same methods to create a new red-letter translation to cast doubt and denial on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to their explanation:  

"The model of the red letter edition suggested that the Seminar should adopt one of two options in its votes; either Jesus said it or he did not say it. A vote recognizing the words as authentic would entail printing the items in red; a vote recognizing the words as inauthentic meant that they would be left in regular black print.."  

" Academics do not like simple choices. The Seminar adopted four categories as a compromise with those who wanted more. In addition to red, we permitted a pink vote for those who wanted to hedge: a pink vote represented reservations either about the degree of certainty or about modifications the saying or parable had suffered in the course of its transmission and recording. And for those who wanted to avoid a flat negative vote, we allowed a gray vote (gray being a weak form of black). The Seminar employed colored beads dropped into voting boxes in order to permit all members to vote in secret. Beads and boxes turned out to be a fortunate choice for both Fellows and an interested public." -Page 36, The Scholars Version.  

Option 1 for a red vote: "I would include this item unequivocally in the database for determining who Jesus was."

Option 2 for a red vote: "Jesus undoubtedly said this or something very like it." Page 36, The Scholars Version. 

The scholars left 82% of the words of Jesus either gray or black. Most of the remaining words are pink with a slim minority in red. Here is the reason they gave for placing no words in red in John's gospel: "....Jesus did not make claims for himself; the early Christian community allowed its own triumphant faith to explode in confessions that were retrospectively attributed to Jesus, its authority figure. The climax of that trajectory came with the Gospel of John. In John Jesus does little other than make claims for himself. For that reason alone, scholars regard the Fourth Gospel as alien to the real Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth." -Page 33, The Scholars Version.  

The only words I found that they attributed to Jesus in red included the following subjects, rendering to Caesar the things that are Ceasar's, resisting not evil, turning the other cheek, giving your coat, going the second mile, loving your enemies, "Our Father" in the Lord's prayer, parable of the leaven, parable of the laborers, parable of the good Samaritan, blessed are the poor, hungry, and those that weep, parable of the unjust steward, and parable of the mustard seed. From the gospel of Thomas they quoted words in red for the parable of the mustard seed, giving to the emperor, God and Jesus, and "Congratulations to the poor, for to you belongs Heaven's domain." and "Congratulations, poor!"  

As is customary with all modern translations, they had to contrast their version with the authorized King James Bible. It is always the Bible listed to replace.

Why did it take so long for the critical text to publicly challenge the King James Bible? Listen to the Scholars Bible quotes: "The beauty and cadence of the King James Bible has retarded any interest in replacing it with a more accurate rendering. Theological conservatism also functioned as a retarding factor, since many cardinal points rested on the English vocabulary of that version." -Page xvii. The Scholar's Bible. "The dominance of the King James Version (1611) in the English-speaking world stalled further work on a critical Greek text for two and a half centuries." -Page 8, The Scholars Bible.  

Roman Catholic scholar John Dominic Crossan, co-chair of the Jesus Seminar, is quoted in the January 10, 1994 issue of Time magazine as saying: "In the past there was an implicit deal - you scholars can go off to the universities and write in journals and say anything you want. Now the scholars are coming out of the closet, demanding public attention for the way they think." As we speak of the authorized KJV, they declare, "The Scholars Version is authorized by scholars." -Page xviii, The Scholars Version. And those who go "...witch-hunting for scholars who did not pass their litmus test,"....lack academic credentials." -Page 35, Scholars Version.  

Phase one of the Jesus Seminar dealt with the question, "What did Jesus really say?" "The Jesus Seminar has launched a second phase in which it is considering the question 'What did Jesus really do?'" This blasphemy is a deliberate and dastardly attack upon the person, work, and word of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is surely part of Satan's final concentrated attempt to destroy basic Christianity and prepare the way for antichrist. How long can modern Christianity maintain a strong or reasonable faith in attacking such blasphemy while still using a modern English Bible translated from critical Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek texts? 


One of the newest and most challenging books attacking the modern Bible versions was written by G. A. Riplinger, entitled, New Age Bible Versions, (An Exhaustive Documentation Exposing The Message, Men and Manuscripts Moving Mankind To The Antichrist's One World Religion). This book just released in 1993 is, "The New Case Against The NIV, NASB, NKJV, NRSV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB Living, Phillips, New Jerusalem, and New Century Bibles". It is available from Bible Believers' Bookstore, 1252 East Aurora Rd., Macedonia, OH 44056. Phone (216)467-0419 or 467-1611. The following is a brief summary of Riplinger's book:  

A university student challenged his Kent State professor, G. A. Riplinger, with a question which led to a six year research project and a 690 page book exposing New Age Bibles. The question was, "Is the fall, recorded in Isaiah 14 about Lucifer (as the KJV and Hebrew text indicates) or Jesus, the morning star, as the NIV and NASB imply?"  

Riplinger documents in thousands of places evidence of the New Age movement's expressed goal of infiltrating the church. Standard Bible words and doctrines are being perverted in the modern Bible versions to deceive Christians into accepting a standard vocabulary devised to unite all world religions into one.  

New Agers have publicly declared their plan: "We are one world. We now need a world religion. We are entering a New Age...When an appropriate common vocabulary is developed, each group can help toward a World Religion" -Toward a New World Religion. "I predict that in our lifetime we will see the rise of essentially a New World Religion." -Jean Houston. "The reorganization of the world's religions...(is) for the new world religion." -Alice Bailey. Quotes from Riplinger, pages 10,11.  

Riplinger uses, The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology to prove the New Age "semantic revolution" is now underway which will bring about an "East-West Synthesis" . Riplinger quotes New Ager Striber: "So we can change the names and in so doing, we open the New Age door to millions who normally would not be receptive." -Whitley Striber, Infiltrating the New Age Into Society.  

Riplinger quotes cult watchers who expose the dangerous deception facing Christians: "This new theology can be confusing with its apparent new definitions for words that have long established meaning" -Dave Hunt, Beyond Seduction. "Christians can be disarmed since these terms are part of their own vocabulary." -Elliot Miller, A Crash Course on the New Age.  

Riplinger quotes The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, a standard source for New Age beliefs, as chiding those who refuse to replace personal names for God or deity with impersonal titles. A summary of this name game in modern Bible versions shows: Lucifer changed to morning star, Jehovah changed to Lord, Holy One of Israel changed to One, Holy Ghost changed to Spirit, Lord Jesus Christ changed to Lord, and Godhead changed to divine being.  

Riplinger illustrates the significance of these kinds of word changes: "The rock scene sings of Lord Satan (Venum) whose 'a new god' and 'a star from the east' (Wang Chung). New Agers refer to Lucifer as 'the One,' 'the Spirit of the Age' and a 'divine being.' Now new versions point readers to Satan instead of God."  

After listing pages of charts showing new Bible versions siding with New Age Humanism in their choice of word changes, Riplinger says, "New versions have incited a shift in doctrine within some Christian circles that has not gone unnoticed by mystics and occultists. Starhawk, a self-proclaimed witch remarks: 'I am very glad to discover such movement within Christian churches that is sympathetic to the pagan spirit.'"  

What is happening to religion? Riplinger quotes the leaders within the New Age: "Most New Agers, however teach that the new will overcome the old by a gentle process of ecumenical unity and absorption of the religions into one another...The New World Religion will contain all the common elements of all religions." -The Lucifer Connection. "If the final planetary synthesis of the Eastern and Western Spiritual traditions is to be realized...Eastern mysticism must be incorporated into traditional Christianity." - Peter De Cappens, New Age editor. "The collusion is so low-key that no one notices. -The Aquarian Conspiracy. The mandate is, "Change those aspects of religion...which delay the full manifestation of planetary unity..." - The New Group of World Servers "Objectives", (U.N. Plaza, N.Y.)  

Riplinger traced modern Bible corruption to a common source in Philo's School at Alexandria, Egypt. Philo's Alexandrian influence produced both London's Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, the Spiritualist editor of Lucifer magazine, and B.F. Westcott, a London Spiritualist who spearheaded the adoption of the critical Greek text used in modern Bible versions. They were contemporaries in the 19th century occult .  

The corrupted Bible text of Westcott and his co-horts approved in England in 1881, was introduced into America by Philip Schaff. It promoting over 30,000 changes to the King James Bible, and was known as the American Standard Version of 1901. Schaff also founded the World Parliament of Religions in 1893 which became the forerunner of the World Parliament of Religions in 1993. Their common goal is the merger of the East and West into a one world religion. This New Age religion of the occult continues to develop by striving to undermine faith in the absolute authority of the Bible.  

Modern Bible corrupters unite with the occult in criticizing and condemning only one Bible, the authorized KJV. The occult view of the Luciferians states, "This 'Pagan' view was shown in the original(s)...the English translation (KJV) being worthless." Blavatsky said, "The King James Version; as it is translated, has no resemblance whatever to the originals." Now listen to modern editors of the New International Version: "The KJV is "misleading...erroneous...corrupted by errors." "The King James Version...changed the originals..." -Palmer. Neither group possesses the originals.  

Concerning the forming of a New World Bible, New Age leader, Vera Alder forecasts: "(F)rom all archaeological archives...and the illuminations of modern science and discovery...the Research Panel would develop a new 'Bible' of a World Religion which will be the basis of future education."  

Both Blavatsky and Westcott are tied to the current "Occult Revival". Westcott labored in the British Ghostly Guild. Blavatsky is called, "godmother of the New Age movement". Riplinger quotes Dark Secrets of the New Age which revealed the antichrist's need for a New Age Bible to control the masses.  

Riplinger proves how the names for God are being altered in modern Bibles leading up to Satan worship. Historically, have been viewed as the only Bible proof of the fall of Satan. Only in is the name "Lucifer" used to identify Satan by name, and foretell of his fall into hell. When modern Bibles remove the name "Lucifer" from , they remove from divine revelation the historical connection between "Lucifer" and the devil.  

Replacing "Lucifer" with "Morning Star" as the NIV does, places a name for Jesus Christ in the place of Satan's fall. In and Jesus Christ is identified as the "morning star". The underlying Hebrew does not require such a translation in , but classical mythology by New Age Luciferian H.P. Blavatsky does. Manly P. Hall in The Secret Teachings of All Ages states, "The pentagram is used extensively in black magic...it signifies the fall of the Morning Star."  

Theologians have historically foretold of this modern perversion. H.D.M. Spence in (1913) The Pulpit Commentary: Isaiah forewarned: "The title daystar is truly Christ's but will be confiscated by the antichrist of whom Babylon is a type and mystical Babylon is a forerunner. And Satan will assume it, who is the spirit that energizes the heathen world power Babylon, that now energizes the apostate church and shall at last energize the secular antichrist...and his champion the false prophet." Robert Jamieson wrote before the modern Bible versions, "Daystar: a title truly belonging to Christ and hereafter to be assumed by antichrist."  

By quoting from occult literature, Riplinger exposes Satan's master plan for deception: "Step one - The Denial of the Existence of Satan...Step two - The Assertion that Lucifer and the Devil are Separate and Distinct Entities...Step three - The Declaration that Lucifer is a Good Angel and is the Christ Himself...Step four - Lucifer's True Identity as Satan is Revealed using the Anagram, a Transposition of Letters, To Obscure It...Step five - The Bare Facts are Revealed; The Rhetoric is Gone. It is Satan Himself Behind All of the Cosmetic Semantics." We are not ignorant of his devices. ().  

Beware, David Spangler, contributing editor of New Age Journal asserts: "Lucifer...is an angel of God's love...the angel of man's inner evolution...(He) prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood. Christ is the same force as Lucifer." G. A. Riplinger traces a breakdown in differences between "Your Father, the Devil" () and "Our Father Which Art in Heaven." (). Modern Bible versions are altering the words of the prayer our Lord taught His disciples to pray.  

Many words of our Lord are altered in modern Bible versions based upon the writings of a 2nd century heretic called Marcion, and one 4th century manuscript called B. To satisfy the 'universal fatherhood of God' belief of the New Age movement, personal pronouns like "my" and "our" before Father are replaced by "the" Father.  

Madame Blavatsky is quoted identifying the Father as Satan: "Satan the Serpent of Genesis...the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual Mankind...The Great Serpent Jupiter...the Dragon of Life, the Father." New Ager Alice Bailey say of the anti-Christ, "(H)e is closer to the Father and to the One...(H)e had to re-institute the Mysteries of Initiation in such a form that they would prove the basis of a new world religion, (worshipping) The Father, the Lord of the World...We are all Gods, all the children of the One Father."  

Riplinger quotes Robert Muller, esoteric and Asst. Sec. General of the United Nations speaking at the occult Arcane School about his efforts to unite East and West with "world prayer." U.N. rule 62 is already in place requiring the group to pray. Muller suggests: "The prayer, Our Father, which the Christ has given us, remains as valid as ever."  

Integrating Eastern and Western Prayer using the Lord's prayer is illustrated by Louis Savary, "Savary used modern Scripture studies to analyze the seven petitions of the Our Father. He takes these seven petitions and makes a remarkable correlation with the seven energy centers of the East (chakras). He explains how these petitions and chakras describe various postures before God. Thus, the Lord's Prayer is being modified to be used with Eastern yoga, meditation and the chakras of India. (i.e., the serpent coiled at the bottom of the spine).

Legions of mainline churches which recite the Lord' Prayer each Sunday as part of their liturgy will soon be picking up modern Bibles in the pews which will unite them with other world religions in Satan worship. "And they worshipped the dragon." ().

G. A. Riplinger traces the changing of the Holy One of Israel to "The One" of Eastern mysticism. New Age author Naomi Goldenberg in her Changing of the Gods has asserted: God is going to change...we women are going to bring...the end of Him." The 'he' of Christianity is being replaced with the neuter 'One' of Hinduism in modern Bible versions. Riplinger says "The One" is used in hundreds of places in modern Bibles where there is no underlying Greek or Hebrew support.  

Riplinger unravels this 'mystery' from The Encyclopedia of Mysticism and Mystery Religions. 'The One' is the term for the Ultimate in many mystical religions and philosophies. The New Age meanings: "1. 'The One' or 'the Only One' is Lucifer, the angel of this planet's evolution. 2. 'The one' or 'the Living One' is all of reality as described in pantheism or monism. 3. 'The Coming One' or 'The Mighty One' is Lord Maitreya's New Age Christ(antichrist)."  

Blavatsky made it clear that "The One" excludes the God of our Bible, "One is not Jehovah. The Jewish Deity is...never the One Absolute All. No God...called Jehovah...can be the One. The One is superior to Elohim....The Unknown Unmanifested One, since it abounds in both sexes is - male and female - nor yet the Christian 'Father' as the latter is a male and not androgyny."

While NIV chief Edwin Palmer asserts the terms 'one' and 'only' are "modern and elegant" substitutions, history reveals they are reserved for Satan. "Layard's Babylon and Niveviah (London, 1853) traces the origin of the 'One Only' to the serpent "the one Only God of the Babylonians." MACROBIUS, Saternalia written in A.D. 1521 confirms the historical association of the term 'one only' with Satan:" "A serpent...According to the fundamental doctrine of the mysteries (is) ...the one only god...Satan, then was recognized as the one only god."  

"The One" has so filled our culture, Riplinger said, "A study of college students on 48 campuses identified a greater proportion who believe God and the material world are one and the same, than believe in the Christian view of God as a distinct supernatural 'Being'." This shift is what esoteric Alice Bailey has called "the Plan." Both New Age books and new Bible versions are urging Christians to drop 'the Son' for 'the One'. He is not called Holy, but the god of both the evil and the good.  

G. A. Riplinger's book gives a detailed description of the final Bible of antichrist. Two books called "The Shepherd of Hermas and The Epistle of Barnabas" will be added to their bible to provide a detailed manual for the New Ages. Riplinger lists some new doctrines to be taught: "1. Take 'the name' of the beast. 2. Give 'up to the beast'. 3. Form a one world government. 4. Kill those not receiving his 'name'. 5. Worship female virgins. 6. Receive 'another spirit'. 7. Seek power. 8. Believe that God is immanent in his creation, as a pantheistic, monistic Hindu god. 9. Avoid marriage; permit fornication. 10. Abstain from fasting. 11. Subscribe to the New Age Root Race Theory. 12. Be saved by being baptized and keeping the 'twelve' mandates of the Antichrist.

Riplinger quotes New Agers as calling this period since the birth of Christ - 'The Black Age". Based upon the Hindu Root Race theory, spiritual connotations are given to the terms "black" and "white". New Ager Vera Alder tells her readers: "The Black Age...the Piscean Age, as you know, lasts 2000 years or so. Its inception marked the beginning of the Christian era. It is passing out of manifestation now, as the new Aquarian Age is coming in." Prophecy details are quoted from The Shepherd of Hermas: "The shepherd ordered...the black stones removed (and) cast aside...they are black; for their race is lawless. (They) shall be delivered unto him to be put to death. The Black One is crooked...offer resistance that the Black One may not effect entrance."  

Riplinger says of the above prophecy in the coming bible of antichrist: "The 'black' stones, which are to be 'put to death' are those Christian martyrs which Christ said will be 'put to death' during the tribulation ()." This is to be the end of the old 6th Root race, and the beginning of the 7th Root-race the Homo Neoticus. As New Age writer John Randolf Price boasts, New Agers are "part of a new race that will someday rule the planet."  

Riplinger ties in Blavatsky's Root Race Theory with the anti-Semitism in Hitler's Mein Kampf. The liberal theologian who taught Hitler this was Gerhard Kittel. Kittel also wrote the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament which became the standard Greek underlying modern Bible versions. "Kittle's trial, conviction and imprisonment for his key part in the extermination of two thirds of Europe's Jewish population is a harsh fact" Now Christians join Jews in the 6th Root race prophesied for martyrdom.  

G. A. Riplinger has combined some new truth with old ideas in Bible defense to give us a very powerful tool against the Bibles of antichrist. "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." () This book is a must in Bible defense! One cannot read Riplinger and still defend the modern Bibles. G. A. Riplinger has come under severe attack for this courageous exposure of the enemy and his tactics.  

"Christians" who criticize and condemn our authorized KJB, actually harmonize with the voice of Liberals and modern Bible versions to supplant the KJB and its underlying Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek text. When "Christians" criticize and condemn the KJB they assist Satan in promoting apathy, immorality, and the occult in America. Once their apostasy is exposed, how can they remain our friends? The results will bring in the antichrist with his one-world-bible, and his ecumenical one-world-church of Babylon. "[It is] time for [thee], LORD, to work: [for] they have made void thy law." ( )  

As the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England stated in 1863 in united protest to Bishop Colenso: "All our hopes for eternity, the very foundation of faith; our nearest and dearest consolations, are taken from us, if one line of that sacred book (the Bible) be declared unfaithful or untrustworthy."  

The entire basis upon which textual criticism was originally founded has been destroyed. The belief that the Bible had been hopelessly corrupted during the early generations and through a so-called Syrian Recension was standarized somewhere between 250 and 350 A.D. is now refuted. Wilbur N. Pickering in the revised edition of THE IDENTITY OF THE NEW TESTAMENT TEXT under Appendix D "Conflation or Confusion?" gives 30 pages of textual evidence proving Westcott and Hort wrong in their theory of conflation. Pickering's conclusion gives an excellent summary of his argument: "The evidence presented in this appendix justifies the following statements: 'Western' witnesses have clear, undoubted conflations; 'Alexandrian' witnesses have clear, undoubted conflations; many putative conflations build upon 'Byzantine' readings; numerous readings that were once thought to be late 'Syrian conflations' now have early papyrus attestation. It follows that Hort's statement and use of 'conflation' are erroneous."  

"It has been customary to refer to the 'Byzantine' text as 'the later, conflated text,' as if 'conflation' were a pervading characteristic of this text. The evidence presented above scarcely supports such a characterization since in fully sixty percent of the examples the 'Byzantine' text is being built upon and not vice versa. Reference has already been made to Hutton's Atlas 9 on p. 59) which provides evidence that there are over eight hundred places where the producers of the 'Byzantine' text could have conflated 'Western' and "Alexandrian' readings (following Hort's hypothesis) but did not."  

"I trust that the reader will not judge me to be unreasonable if I express the hope that all concerned will loyally concede that the specter of 'Syrian conflation' has been laid to rest. Henceforth no one may reasonably or responsibly characterize the 'Byzantine' text-type as being 'conflate' nor argue therefrom that it must be late."  

Another scholar also reported what happened after truth surfaced discrediting the Westcott and Hort critical theory: "Soon there was total fragmentation, a loss of consensus such as had existed in Westcott and Hort. This was precipitated partly by the discovery of the third and fourth century papyri, which ironically contained readings that Westcott and Hort said were created in the fourth century and found in the mass of later manuscripts. G. Zuntz noted this surprise with some interest, but assured his readers that while 'a number of Byzantine readings, most of them genuine, which previously were discarded as 'late', are anticipated by p46 ...we are not going to resume the hopeless fight of Dean Burgon.' The hope of recovering an original autographic text was abandoned altogether by most; it was felt that the text of the New Testament was probably the result of a "process." Hence form criticism--redaction criticism--and source criticism--were all now seen as part of text critical concerns." (Source identified upon request.)  

In other words, rather than returning to the traditional text after evidence has proven conclusively that the critical text presuppositions and theories of naturalistic textual criticism were wrong, modern textual critics are denying there ever were any original autographs to look for. Besides, Lucian who is normally identified as leading the so-called Syrian Recension was an Arian, and it is unreasonable to believe the churches would have adopted the text of an Arian heretic.  

Then what about the New Majority Greek text as found in the footnotes of the New King James Bible which challenges the accuracy of both the critical Greek text of modern translations, and the Textus Receptus or the received Greek text of the churches?

Jack A. Moorman in his book, WHEN THE KJV DEPARTS FROM THE 'MAJORITY TEXT" gave a very excellent defense for the TR and KJV over the New Majority Text of Dallas. He terms their text "A textual halfway house". The Hodges-Farstad Edition is based upon the l913 edition of Hermann von Soden for Matthew to Jude, and H.C. Hoskier's work (l929) for Revelation. Moorman quoted different scholars who had found Von Soden's work full of errors. Even though Von Soden used majority manuscripts in his work, he was a rationalist and his views and product are still firmly within the Alexandrian camp. Moorman listed the manuscripts used by Von Soden and proved the sloppy manner in which he used even them. He concluded: "Thus, the hard core of Von Soden's work is the 4l4 cited and classified MSS. Beyond this his treatment of the MSS can only be described as a cursory sampling....Remember also, the Majority Text Edition does not take into consideration the 2,143 lectionary MSS (40% of total Greek MSS), nor the vast field of Patristic and Versional evidence, Thus it is only with the greatest exaggeration that Hodges and Farstad can claim to revise the Received Text on the basis of a majority of MSS!"  

Then concerning the book of Revelation, Moorman reminded us that "fully one-third of the l800 alterations which the editors make are from the Apocalypse, and based on Hoskier's data!" He then showed how "Hodges and Farstad chose to aline their text in Revelation with the 046 group of MSS rather than the Andreas group". Moorman showed how the figures representing the number of manuscripts were misrepresented to support the 046 group rather than the Andreas group which supports the TR underlying the KJV. Moorman concluded: "In the light of the evidence, Hodges' and Farstad's use of the 046 MSS to alter the text of Revelation in over 600 places, was no less an error of judgment than their use of Von Soden for the rest of the NT!"  

Besides the above problems, Moorman showed how Hodges and Farstad used the Oxford l825 TR edition for their comparison rather than the Trinitarian Bible Society reprint of the TR underlying the KJV. This made the differences between the New Majority text and the KJV look even greater than they actually were.  

On top of this, Moorman pointed out that many of the textual changes made in the New Majority Greek text would make no differences in our English translation anyway.  

Moorman gave nearly l00 pages of manuscript digest giving historical support for every portion of scripture in the TR and KJV even where the majority Greek manuscripts do not contain them.  

With the obvious failure of modern textual criticism, why can we trust the traditional Bible texts underlying our authorized King James Bible as the original autographs which make it through the first four centuries intact?  

1. Many of the original autographs are reported to have lasted for 200 years. Tertullian referred to them after 200 years as available to confirm the accuracy of Bible texts.

2. Jews made up the majority of early believers, and they had some 1,500 years of experience preserving the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament as God commanded. "...Unto them were committed the oracles of God." ().

3. The Public reading and memorization of Scriptures. With few Bibles publicly available, the public reading and memorization of scriptures provided checks and balances upon textual transmission assuring uniformity by the body of Christ.

4. The choice of the Churches for centuries. All textual critics agree that the Received Text or majority Greek text was preserved from the 4th century to the reformation. Since the Churches had all the evidence during the first four centuries as they made their choice, why would our judgment be better then theirs today with our limited evidence from the first four centuries?

5. It is the only unbroken Bible line which can still lay claim by faith to possessing the accuracy and authority of the original autographs.

6. It is the believer's Bible which in every generation has been used and blessed by those who profess to be Bible believers.

7. It is the Martyr's Bible which has been under vicious attacks down through the centuries.

8. Archaeology has uncovered early textual evidence vindicating the antiquity of the traditional Bible text as already observed from Appendix D, or Wilbur Pickering's book. It has been proven old enough to assume even by statistical probability a connection with the original autographs.

9. The promises of Jesus Christ that the Spirit of Truth would lead us into all truth. "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come."

10. The work of the Holy Spirit. "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual." ()

11. The writings of the Early Church fathers. It has been said that practically the entire New Testament could reproduced from the works of the early Church fathers.

12. The profitability of the received text in the reformation, revivals, missionary work, etc. follow the historical list assembled by Dr. D. A. Waite:


Please observe the centuries and generations of manuscript and textual evidence through which God has ministered to His people through the received text. Dr. D. A. Waite in his book The King James Bible's Superiority, lists 37 historical evidences supporting the Received text and King James Bible. He said The received text was used by: (l) All the Apostolic Churches, (2) the Churches in Palestine, (3) the Syrian Church at Antioch, (33-100 A.D.); (4) The Peshitta Syriac Version, l50 A.D., (5) Papyrus #75, (6) The Italic Church in Northern Italy, l57 A.D., (7) The Gallic Church of Southern France, (l77) A.D., (8) The Celtic Church in Great Britain, (9) The Church of Scotland and Ireland, (l0) The Pre-Waldensian Church, (ll) The Waldensian, l20 A.D. onward, (The Early Church Period l00-3l2); (12) The Gothic Version of the 4th century, (13) Codex W of Matthew in the 4th or 5th century, (14) Codex A in the Gospels in the 5th century, (15) The vast majority of extant New Testament manuscripts, (16) The Greek Orthodox Church, (17) The present Greek Church, (The Byzantine Period (312--1453 A.D.), (18) All the churches of the Reformation, (19) The Erasmus Greek New Testament (15l6), (20) The Complutensian Polyglot (1522), (21) Martin Luther's German Bible (1522), (22) William Tyndale's Bible (l525), (23) The French Version of Oliveton (l535), (24) The Coverdale Bible (l535), (25) The Matthews Bible (1537), (26) The Taverners Bible (l539), (27) The Great Bible (l539-4l), (28) The Stephanus Greek New Testament (l546-5l), (29) The Geneva Bible of (l557-60), (30) The Bishops' Bible (l568), (3l) The Spanish Version (l569), (32) The Beza Greek New Testament (l598), (33) The Czech Version (1602), (34) The Italian Version of Diodati (l607), (35) The King James Bible (1611), (36) The Elziver Brothers' Greek New Testament (1624), and (37) "The Received Text in the New Testament is the Received Text--the text that has survived in continuity from the beginning of the New Testament itself. It is the only accurate representation of the originals we have today!" -D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D., The King James Bible's Superiority, Pages 4l-45.  

Dr. Waite followed the above historical evidence with the following position of faith: "In fact, it is my own personal conviction and belief, after studying this subject since l97l, that the words of the Received Greek and Massoretic Hebrew texts that underlie the KING JAMES BIBLE are the very WORDS which God has PRESERVED down through the centuries, being the exact WORDS of the ORIGINALS themselves. As such, I believe they are INSPIRED WORDS. I believe they are PRESERVED WORDS. I believe they are INERRANT WORDS. I believe they are INFALLIBLE WORDS. This is why I believe so strongly that any valid translation MUST be based upon these original language texts, and these alone!" I concur l00% with this statement. One must either place faith in the operation of the Holy Spirit through the people of God in the churches down through the centuries, or trust the conflicting opinions of critical scholars of the l9th and 20th centuries.  

"And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD. As for me, this [is] my covenant with them, saith the LORD; My spirit that [is] upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the LORD, from henceforth and for ever." (). Bible Preservation rests upon the sovereign work of the Trinity maintaining the Redemptive Covenant of Grace within the mouth of each generation of God's saints. (See also .)

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